As your information partner, Trans Global continuously invests in its IT infrastructure to ensure our operations function in a stable and secure environment. Our systems design and utilization of cloud computing technology provide data redundancy and integrity in the event of a systems disruption and zero downtime and high availability of system access.

When you team up with Trans Global Logistics you benefit from a business partner that provides value-added products and services to help manage your supply chain. Whether you are looking to integrate shipment information into your business process through electronic data interchange (EDI) or bar code scanning, monitor your shipments via a custom web-based tracking portal or track your purchase orders, Trans Global has the right resource to fit your needs.

We leverage key capabilities to offer turnkey IT services, a skilled group of technology associates and sophisticated systems. Throughout our extensive network in Asia and our U.S. offices, we integrate vital shipment information and make it available to you in the form that best suits your needs. We can share information in a standard format and deliver data that will allow you to make time – and cost – based logistics decisions.

Air and ocean shipment visibility. Our sophisticated EDI-driven tracking system – T-Track – is available electronically. The system provides global air and ocean freight visibility and inventory status linked to your purchase order (PO) data. With T-Track you can manage critical information throughout the logistics cycle – from material sourcing to delivery at destination – and inventory in our warehouse facilities.

T-Track time stamps each event during the logistics process. The system also lets you track shipments and store items via any reference number for current status and expected delivery time. If you need detailed inventory updates, we use bar code-scanning technology to provide the latest information about your cargo. T-Track is easy to use and access. All you do is enter your TGL customer code, password, order date and PO Number, and you are just a click away from your customized tracking reports and document images.

Value-added IT Services
Bar code Scanning
Purchase order tracking
Performance reporting


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