Date: Dec 05 2016
Title: Air Freight Market Update Report for Week 49

Peak season air freight volumes have notably eased this week out of Greater China and Korea. This week we expect to see air carriers back off on peak season rate levels - how aggressively will depend market demand for new bookings. Truckers continue to experience delays in picking up cargo at US airport terminals although conditions should improve this week.

Following are highlights from around our Asian network.


Shanghai: Market demand and rates are comparable to last week although we expect to see demand ease next week. 
Market demand to European gateways remains strong.  Space to AMS/FRA/MXP is overbooked. Shipments greater than
1,000 kgs will be backlogged by 1 - 2 flights. EY freighter is fully booked until next Wednesday.

Xiamen: Market demand has eased and there is sufficient space to meet demand.  Rates are expected to begin trending downward in line with less demand for space. 

Hong Kong: Market conditions are unchanged from last week and air carriers are expected to begin easing up on rates. 

India: There is adequate space to meet demand at all major gateways.  Delhi has experienced a surge in demand to European and Asian gateways and space is a bit tight out of Bangalore because of lingering congestion at some transit hubs. Chennai reports that carriers have imposed some rate increases.

Korea: Transfer cargo from China began to ease late last week.  Consequently the volume of backlogged cargo at ICN is declining and carriers have announced a rate decrease next week in the range of 3 - 6% to LAX and JFK.

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