Date: May 08 2017
Title: Air Freight Market Update Report for Week 18

The space situation in airfreight gateways in China and Hong Kong eased following the end of last week's holiday period. For the most part congestion has eased and rates have stabilized or declined on selective routes. Indian gateways however continue to experience heavy air export volumes, tight space and high rates.

Following are highlights from around our Asian network.

Bangladesh: There is adequate capacity to meet demand although air carriers still require 2 – 3 days advance booking because of space constraints at transit hubs.

Shanghai: Following the Labor Day holiday the market has stabilized.  There are no cargo backlogs to report and rates to the US West Coast have dropped to pre-holiday levels.
Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Xiamen: Most airlines are able to meet demand for cargo space and no reports of congestion. 
Hong Kong: The volume of air export cargo remains relatively strong following the pre-holiday surge in demand for space.

Delhi: Carriers will only accept cargo against advance booking and subject to onboard confirmation. Space is tight and cargo will uplift after 1 - 2  days with onward delays of 2 - 3 days to all US gateways.   Available space to European and Far East gateways is also tight. Rates remain on the high side. 
Kalkutta: All Airlines are experiencing delays of 3 - 4 days prior to departure to US gateways. 
Bangalore: Market situation is similar to Delhi – space is tight, rates remain on the high side and cargo is only accepted with an advance booking confirmation.
Mumbai: The flow of air export cargo has eased and there is no back-log; however, advance booking is required.
Chennai: Market reporting 3 – 4 day delays to US and European gateways. European carriers continue to maintain high rate levels.

Korea: ICN continues to experience heavy volumes of transit cargo.  Demand from local shippers has eased during the holiday period which has helped to improve the overall availability of space. 

Thailand: Overall market demand for space softened last week although QF is still not accepting new bookings because of a shortage of space. 

Taiwan: Space is tight and rates continue to run high to US and European gateways. 

Vietnam: Heavy backlogs and long transit times persisted last week. Hong Kong Airlines resumed normal flight schedules which will help move cargo to the important HKG hub for onward transport.

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